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Jeans for all seasons : is it possible ?

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Can your Collection Include Tailored Jeans for every Season?

Tailored jeans are part of any style-conscious collection. But as any jeans fan knows, relying on a single pair in winter, spring, summer and fall isn’t always comfortable or convenient.

Think about raw denim jeans as an example. Many denim lovers choose to wear in their raw denim pants over autumn and winter, which suits the weather conditions. With their heavy, thick material, raw denim jeans are ideal for cooler conditions (but don’t always perform so well in wet climates).

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When summer comes around, the same jeans could become impractical. What felt amazing in cold conditions can be extremely uncomfortable when the thermometer hits over 20 degrees Celsius.

Of course, you don’t need to rely on a single pair of jeans all year-round. Savvy jeans fans know the value of building a collection of different types of jeans so that they have the right pair to slip on, whatever the weather forecast holds.

Choose the right weight of Jeans for the Season

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When you purchase jeans in ready-to-wear stores, you might pay attention to their size and color, but buyers rarely bother to ask about the weight of the denim. Yet when you are selecting a seasonal pair of jeans, weight is everything.

Denim is generally measured in ounces per yard. An ordinary pair of jeans will typically weigh in at around 10 to 12 ounces. Many selvedge and raw denim labels offer weights above 12 ounces, which is what you should be aiming for when choosing jeans for the winter months. Below 12 ounces is what you should be looking for from a summer pair of jeans.

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The type of denim weave matters as well. When choosing “stretch” jeans, know the stretchy finish is achieved by incorporating synthetic fibers into the weave. Pure cotton denim is usually more breathable, and will transport heat away from your skin more efficiently.

But choose lightweight varieties. Raw denim is a beautiful material, but unless you have worn it in for months, it will trap heat, making it a little uncomfortable in high summer.

Tips for Choosing a Seasonal Jeans Collection

Along with weight, think about color as well. Winter tends to suit darker, richer tones so it’s the ideal time to start wearing a pair of raw tailored jeans. Summer is all about pastel shades and lighter tones. Light blue jeans play well in the sunshine, while black and dark blue varieties will look a little bland.

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When you choose your denim, go for raw dark canvas for your winter pairs, and medium or light blue washed canvas for the summer months. That way, you’ll have a breathable pair of seasonally colored jeans for the sunshine, and a gorgeous, dark pair of raw denim jeans for the cooler months.

Some denim fans also like to choose extra tailored jeans for the shoulder seasons (spring and fall). So with that in mind, four pairs per year makes sense. That way, you can transition from cool weather to blazing heat and have jeans for every occasion.