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Jeans : How to stand out from the crowd ?

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How to Stand Out From the Crowd When Wearing Your Favorite Jeans

If you are a lover of high-quality denim jeans, you’ll be well aware of their advantages. Hard-wearing, comfortable, perfectly adapted to your body shape and attractive as well, selvedge and raw denim jeans are a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe.
However, people who don’t yet share the passion for custom-made jeans could be forgiven for thinking that jeans are, well, a little boring. After all, pretty much everyone around has a pair of jeans, and wearing designer or personalised jeans isn’t a great way to make a fashion statement.
These critics need to think again. Sure, generic jeans are dull. That’s because they are mass produced to look the same, and they hardly ever fit properly. With personalised raw denim or selvedge jeans, it’s a completely different story.
These jeans stand out from the crowd almost effortlessly, and here’s why.

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What Denim Fans Understand by Jeans that Stand Out from the Crowd

With jeans, the challenge isn’t to create an eye-catching, innovative look that grabs attention (unless you want to go for polka dot prints or garish luminous colours). No, when we talk about jeans that stand out from the crowd, what sets them apart is more subtle.
You can tell when jeans fit a person perfectly, and in the same way, you can tell when they don’t quite fit. The sad truth is that the vast majority of jeans that people are wearing at this second, don’t fit. That’s just the way it is with store bought jeans. And it shows.
The legs could be slightly too long, the waist that doesn’t sit properly, or there is excess room around the thighs. Even worse, they might cling too closely around the buttocks or the crotch. These little signs don’t go undetected. You can easily see when jeans aren’t quite right.
At the same time, you can tell instinctively when all the elements of a perfect fit come together. It’s this harmony and perfection that makes personalised jeans stand out from the crowd, not flashy elements.

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Why You Should Choose Personalised Jeans

But what does it mean to “personalise” your jeans? It’s not only a matter of sewing in a name tag but customising every aspect of your jeans. From selecting between slim, boot and straight cuts to requesting pocket arrangements, materials, hems and seams, you can control how your jeans look.
Oh, and you can add your name tag as well if you wish, along with other embroidered elements.
Most importantly, personalising your jeans means taking precise waist and inseam measurements. With this data, denim experts can create pants that are made for, and only you. That’s how to stand out from the crowd.

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