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Jeans and Formal Events: Do They Go Together?


Are customized jeans the answer ?

We’ve all been there. In our desire to feel comfortable and proud of our customized jeans, we’ve tried to conjure up a denim and jacket and tie combination. In theory, we tell ourselves, everything’s fine. They’re great jeans, after all, so why wouldn’t they work? Then we get to the function, where everyone is wearing smart suits and nobody is wearing jeans. Suddenly, our ideas don’t seem to smart after all. Was our idea just plain wrong? Actually, it’s not as clear cut as you might think. Here’s how to pull off a denim and suit combination that really does work.

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First, Find the Correct Shirt for Your Jeans

Take a look at your jeans. Are they the right shade for formal events? In general, darker tones (the kind that you get with raw customized jeans) tend to be a lot more effective than light blue jeans.

Now, think about your shirt. Discard any ideas of wearing a t-shirt underneath your blazer and don’t risk bright colors. Go for a high-quality white Oxford shirt or a pastel colored shirt that harmonizes well with your blazer. The blazer rounds off your outfit, and needs to complement the color of your jeans. Grays and matching blues tend to work well, while white or black blazers usually don’t work quite as well.

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Accessorize Skillfully to Complement Your Customized Jeans

So far, so conventional. The right shirt and blazer ensemble is vital, but do you really need an ordinary neck-tie? In many cases, it’s very hard to pull off a tie with jeans, so don’t assume that you have to try.
Instead, why not opt for a beautiful silk handkerchief stuffed artfully in your blazer pocket or a scarf tied around your collar? They can work better than ties, which the mind always associates with business suits, not jeans.

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Select the Ideal Footwear to Complete Your Formal Outfit

The final piece of the jigsaw is what to wear on your feet. Normal dress shoes won’t cut it here. They are designed to combine with suits and tuxedos, not jeans.
Dark colored suede loafers have a more laid-back feel to them, while brown or black leather boots could work almost as well (but always beware of slipping from formal into smart-casual territory).
If you follow these guidelines, it isn’t impossible to wear jeans as part of formal outfits. By combining dark blue raw denim jeans, dark colored shoes or boots and the right blazer and shirt combination, you can strike the right balance.