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How to spot quality jeans ?


Tips to spot a Top Quality Pair of ready-to-wear or Custom Made Jeans

When you hold a pair of expensive jeans in your hands, can you really be sure you have the knowledge to tell genuinely exceptional products from mass produced versions with an inflated price tag?
Before you answer “of course!” take a second look. Mass producers (and counterfeiters) have become more and more skilled at making jeans that have the superficial appearance of high-quality custom made jeans.
With that in mind, here’s what to look out for when you are shopping for your next pair of jeans.


Mind the Fabric of Your Jeans

Above all else, it’s the material jeans are made from that matters. Really high quality jeans will be made from denim milled in Japan or the USA, with a radically different feel to mass produced varieties. If the fabric feels heavy, a little rough and stiff, you’re holding high quality denim.
Resist the temptation of softer materials and go for raw denim that will mould itself around your body as it ages. That way, your jeans will last longer and develop an appearance that is totally unique to you.


Check Even the Tiniest Details

Sometimes, the difference isn’t immediately obvious and you’ll have to look closely at the finer details of how your jeans have been made.
The finest jeans generally feature the characteristic red trim of selvedge – a form of denim that has much stronger edges and lasts longer. Check that the hems are double stitched too as single stitched hems that will rapidly degrade.
Check the seams in the pockets too, as sometimes even elite jeans manufacturers cut corner here. Staying with pockets, have a look at their corners. If there is a diagonal stitch, the pockets on your custom made jeans will be much more durable.


Other Signs that Your Jeans are Top of the Range

Some other little details can be a clear signal that your jeans measure up. For example, if they have rivets in the back pockets, that’s a hallmark of well-made jeans. However, don’t be fooled by jeans with dazzling rivets and buttons. One way that cheaper manufacturers try to sell their inferior products is by copying the luxury elements of elite designers.
Nobody wants to be stuck with an expensive pair of jeans that won’t last and don’t have the priceless ability to shape themselves around your body. So check carefully before purchasing your next pair of custom made jeans.