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First Jeanuine Ride : Paris, France

How I discovered Jeanuine custom jeans while traveling Paris

Paris, the ‘city of light’ and the fashion capital of the world. As a guy who lives in jeans, that didn’t mean a lot to me – until a recent visit. Let me tell you about my visit to Paris.

custom jeans

A Chance Meeting

I was enjoying a chilled glass of Veuve Cliquot champagne in La Grande Dame, the Hotel Sezz bar, when I met Pierre. He looked to be in his early 30s, like me, and was flicking through a book I liked.

‘Good book,’ I remarked.

‘Oui’ he replied, ‘I like this author’. His accent was unmistakably Parisian and his dress sense certainly lived up to the ‘fashion capital’ tag. ‘I like your jeans’ I said.

‘They’re Jeanuine. I designed them myself’ he replied.

‘Really?’ I asked, raising my eyebrows.

‘Yes, it’s a new company, Jeanine custom jeans. You choose the color, style and cut you prefer. They’re very popular in Paris.’

An American in Paris

I chose jeans and a checkered shirt for my trip to the Eiffel Tower, which is conveniently close to Hotel Sezz. I wasn’t planning to be there for too long, I just wanted to see the Place du Champ de Mars from the glass floor on the first level and of course the famous view from the top. I noticed that a French guy in charge of a group of kids was wearing some familiar looking denim. As she stood back, I asked ‘Are those Jeanuine?’

‘Ah, Oui,’ she replied, ‘You know Jeanuine?’

‘Oui.’ I said, thinking that I really must get some.

custom jeans

Le Marais

There’s nowhere quite like the Marais district for people watching. I settled on one of the outdoor benches at Fondation, a terrific coffee shop at 16 rue Dupetit Thouars where they use beans from Belleville to create the perfect espresso. I noticed that my jeans rode up when I sat down, something that didn’t appear to be happening to others in Paris. I smoothed the seams and grimaced, thinking I may need a pair of Jeanuine custom jeans earlier than expected!

custom jeans

Onward and Up

Montmartre is the highest point in Paris and where you’ll find the iconic Basilica of Sacre Coeur, the capital’s only vineyard and lots of street artists. I decided to climb the steps up the Butte de Montmartre and spotted so many people in jeans that looked familiar. Later, after a wander past la Moulin Rouge at the foot of the Butte, I began to make my way back to my Passy hotel. On the way I stopped for pizza at the trattoria attached to trendy cocktail bar, Danico in the historic 2nd arrondissement Galleries Vivienne. Again, I noticed people in the streets of Paris in jeans by Jeanuine. I’m definitely getting my own Jeanuine custom jeans before leaving!