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Jeans: the Most Personal Garment You Could Own?


Bespoke Jeans: the Most Personal Garment You Could Own?

The clothes we choose to wear say a lot about who we are and the personality we seek to show the world, and few items of clothing communicate as much as a pair of denim jeans. But what exactly does it mean to wear denim and what, specifically does it say about you if you wear raw denim or selvedge instead of ordinary Levi’s?

Bespoke jeans

Jeans have a complicated history, so teasing out what they mean for individuals is always going to be tough. For some people, jeans are a statement about their easy-going, outdoors oriented personality. For others (mainly outside the West), it’s about being part of a bigger culture, one where style matters as much as family or religion.
For some people, there’s also something radical about wearing jeans. In the 1950s, Hollywood and major jeans manufacturers combined to create the image of jeans-wearing as rebellious (think James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause). Film stars like Marlon Brando and Clint Eastwood became synonymous with the jeans they wore. They still haven’t completely lost that association with rebellion and danger.

Bespoke jeans

From 501s to Bespoke Jeans: A Worldwide Phenomenon

It’s amazing to think that a relatively simple (but timeless) design of blue denim pants has been able to carry so much meaning, but that’s what jeans do. This is only becoming more obvious as the market for different types of jeans matures. Along with 501s, the world is full of skinny jeans, jeans in different colors, cut-offs, aged jeans, ripped jeans, boot cut jeans, flares, denim shorts – a galaxy of different ways to wear essentially the same design. This has led to skinny jeans being adopted by urban music fans in the UK and low waisted jeans becoming a staple of the hip-hop community.


What Do Your Raw Denim Bespoke Jeans Say About You?

It also applies to bespoke jeans. In fact, probably more so. When you choose to buy a pair of bespoke jeans, you are committing to caring for them and inhabiting them, not just pulling them on and off. That’s what makes them so special, and it shows to other people your sense of taste and desire for authenticity.
Obviously, other items of clothing make major statements about the people who wear them, but it’s undeniable that there’s something different about jeans. From being the work clothes of miners. Jeans have become a way for billions of people to create and display their personalities, and they are just becoming more popular.

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